Our story begins at Artvilla.com…..Our base site ….since 1998…Art Poetry and music. ArtVilla is a site with thousands of pages that predates Google. It celebrates its 20th year on the Internet in October 2018.
Artvilla and Motherbird are sister sites and form powerful linking channels along with our other sites.

Motherbird.com… Since 1998. Poetry for peace.
Murfreesboronet….Good hometown site and place for recipes and how to grow vegetables and fruit..Good documentaries.

Clarksvilleweb….Another good hometown site in the making.
Artforsaleoriginal…….Original art for sale by our founder…..gotta fit him in….
Our founder is David Jackson who teamed up with Jim Williams to form RampSale LLC. Artvilla hosts Rampsale and Wheelachair.com is a new site that David has created. He has a penchant for names.
Where it goes, we know not.

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